Community Land

Land Map

The Parish Council finally secured all lots of land for the Parish in 2017.



In July 2015 Norfolk County Council notified the Parish Council their intention to sell four lots of surplus land surrounding our village.  This raised several concerns, the first being the sale of Lot 1 which the Parish Council with the District Council (South Norfolk) had developed into what is known as the Pocket Park.  Secondly, who would buy this land which has been used by the community for over 20 years.

The Parish Council and those residents who attended the meetings to discuss this, felt very strongly that this land should remain a “Community Area”.  There are several walks frequently used over these Lots, with the opening of the new “Permissive Path” by kind permission of Mr A West & Mr D West and the increased number of visitors to the Pocket Park, the value of these Lots to the enjoyment of our village was significant.  It was decided that the Parish Council along with donations from some village members would take out a loan to purchase this land.



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